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Workplace Injury Claims

Workplace Injury Claims

Employers are obliged under Health and Safety Regulations to provide a saef system and place of work to prevent personal injuries in the workplace. These obligations extend to providing their employees with proper training and equipment so that the work can be carried out safely.

Common Examples Of Work Place Accidents And Personal Injuries

  • Slip and falls on factory or workplace floors
  • Lifting injuries from a lack of manual handling tuition
  • Building site accidents arising from lack of safe equipment or appropriate safety training
  • Accidents arising from the use of machinery or transport vehicles
  • Injuries arising out of exposure to harmful substances in the workplace

If I Have An Accident At Work What Should I Do

If you have suffered a personal injury at work you should :

  • Firstly report the accident immediately to your superior or senior member of management
  • Get immediate medical attention and request of your Doctor or hospital that a record of your attendance and treatment be kept on file
  • If you cannot return to work keep a record of the days that you missed

Personal Injury Claims Are Calculated On A Number Of Varying Factors

  • The extent of the injury and any future impact
  • The likelihood of a recovery
  • Ones ability or lack of ability to continue working
  • ┬áPlease see our award calculator for a guide in relation to personal injury claims

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