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Medical Negligence

Medical Negligence

Medical Negligence Claims

birth injury

Cerebral Palsy is effectively a condition effecting the nervous system caused by an acquired injury or defect to the young developing brain. The resulting symptoms of Cerebral…

Erbs Palsy & Brachial Palsy

erbs palsy

A Brachial Plexus injury is an injury that happens during child birth, it’s a long term injury to a bunch of nerves in the neck, the result being an Erbs Palsy which is a neurological….

Acquired Brain Injury Claims

acquired brain injury

An acquired brain injury occurs where there is a sudden damage to the brain and the condition remains non progressive. There are two types of acquired brain injury traumatic…

Cancer Misdiagnosis Claims

cancer misdiagnosis

Fortunately oncological treatments have improved over time and if given an early diagnosis patients can expect to make a full recovery. Sometimes however the early diagnosis…

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