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Multiple Cancer Misdiagnosis at Wexford General

This job isn't always easy


The HSE will reveal in a report today that 13 cases of cancer misdiagnosis occurred at Wexford general hospital between March 2013 and November 2014.

The report states that six patients from County Wexford and seven patients from counties Carlow and Kilkenny unfortunately had their colonoscopies incorrectly reviewed by the Consultant involved who is now on leave since the issue was uncovered two years ago. It must be noted the Consultant involved is contesting the reports findings.

Following the uncovering of the incident the HSE conducted a review into 615 colonoscopies read by the consultant involved, 401 patients of which were sent for further screening. The national bowel screening programme together with private GP diagnostic referrals encompassed many of the colonoscopies carried out. The contents of the review will say that medical teams as a precautionary measure recommended the recall of 118 patients to undergo repeat screening and 163 patients for repeat diagnostic screening for symptoms such as abdominal pain or bleeding.

The report states that the difficulty arose where it was not sufficiently clear that the very end of the bowel had been examined due to a lack of photographic evidence.    

Sadly one patient passed away prior to the process commencing.

The HSE has commissioned an independent expert to review the quality assurance protocols at Wexford General and the findings of the review report that many of the cancer misdiagnosis were missed as a result of the initial colonoscopy results interpretation.

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